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Height for Hire is a family-run business that has been helping more people to work smarter and safer at height for over 40 years.

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Company History

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of us!

Our first Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

Height for Hire is a family-run business that has been helping more people to work smarter and safer at height for over 40 years.

But before there was Height for Hire, company founder Harry Mc Ardle ran a water jetting business. It was hard, unpredictable work and often involved working at height. Back then that meant using scaffolding towers or ladders.

However, while working at a local industrial plant on a particularly tough day back in the 1980’s, he saw his first truck mounted cherry picker.

It stopped him in his tracks. He saw how safely and easily the men were able to carry out their work on the silos, and how quickly they could move to their next location.

And he noticed something else. It wasn’t just about reaching a certain height. Coming back down again, safely, was just as important. We all want to get home to our families after a day’s work.

That day Harry left with two things. A sore neck from looking up. And a better way of getting the job done.

After that he bought his first vehicle-mounted cherry picker. But Harry decided he wanted to to help make life easier and safer for more people like himself and that was when Height for Hire became a reality.

Over the years technology and engineering has delivered more sophisticated products and systems, but the simple philosophy back then still fuels HighDrive by Height for Hire today – finding smarter safer ways to work at height.

Our founder Harry McArdle

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About Us

40 year Anniversary

Now in its second generation, Height for Hire is the largest independent access rental company across Britain and Ireland and has been renting cherry pickers, from 4m to 90m for over 40 years.

We rent access platforms across many sectors, including Construction, Facility Management, Signage, Utilities, Telecommunications, Ports, Events, and the Wind Sector, to name a few.

Always a pioneer in the industry, the company has grown in that time to more than 140 locations, and counting.

While the needs of the market have changed over time, our values and philosophy have not – we are disciplined and committed to finding smarter and safer ways for more people to work at height.

That is why we have created HighDrive by Height for Hire, a 20m vehicle-mounted cherry picker Click and Pick Up service, bringing our years of experience in the access rental industry closer to you.

Height for Hire has been able to roll out this local service nationwide by teaming up with Builders’ Merchants across the UK, so that our 20m HighDrive vehicle-mounted cherry pickers are available at a builders’ merchants yard near you.

HighDrive – the smarter safer way to work at height

HighDrive by Height for Hire – the smarter safer way to work at height.